No 1 Question For Every Interior Designer: Does internal construction come under interior designing?

When it comes to home renovations, it does not only include changing the wall colours and adding some furniture. A lot of repair work is needed, and sometimes internal construction is also needed. Many of you need clarification before hiring an interior designer on whether you should first hire construction workers. This article is here for you to clear the fog.

Interior designing means designing the entire interior space, and that includes a lot of services. Especially at Efficient Enterprise, we provide end-to-end interior décor services. Here are the services that you can expect from an interior designer.

Services that every interior designer provides

Repair of Walls and Furniture

If your walls are damp or damaged, interior designers will fix them first and then move on to painting them. A healthy base is required to sustain the paint for many years, which is why they will do the repair work when needed. The same concept goes for furniture. If you want to keep an old piece of furniture, but there are some damages in it, your interior designer will do the needful to fix it. If it requires new polish or laminate, then they will do it.

New Furniture Design and Manufacture

Most of the interior design requirements include furniture. Interior designers are famous for customizing furniture in every space. Share your thoughts on the interior theme that you have in mind and your requirements for the space. Your interior designer will manufacture the piece of furniture for you.

Wall Painting

Wall painting is a must needed service while designing any interior. Consult with your interior designer about the finish you want; if your space needs any special attention in colour, inform that as well. If you need textures, or special structures painted on the wall, tell them in advance to get the work done perfectly.


Organizing your space is a very rare service that you will get from interior designers, but you can ask if they provide this service. Usually, interior designers will include fixtures to help you organize the space better. You can tell the designers about your requirement and they will help you in the process.

interior designer

Interior Construction

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. You jumped into this article to know whether interior designers will do minor construction work to improve the space. Yes, they will do it without even asking. Suppose the design requires it, and the construction will not disturb the construction’s original structure or weaken it. In that case, Interior designers will do the mini construction works inside the space. Some of you want to make your kitchen bigger by including the utility area inside your kitchen, which requires some civil work. Interior designers will do that.

Bottom Line

Now that you know what services you can expect from an interior designer plan your home renovation or design any space you want. With Efficient Enterprise, you will always have a great experience. From booking a consultation to actually making it in real life the transition will amaze you. Call us to book a consultation appointment today and tell us more about your project.

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