Commercial Space

When it comes to commercial space interior design it varies from the type of business. Here are different types of commercial space interiors that we have designed so far which will give you an idea about your space.

Commercial space design

Brand Outlet

When a certain brand wants to have its outlet then designing it becomes easy. We keep three things in mind. First is the theme of the brand in terms of colour or concept, next is the product display requirement and finally layout. Every brand would like to display its products in the best possible way and that is why we design the best display for them. If it is a clothing brand then the most used products or category should be placed at the interior part and the least used category should be at the entrance. This style of layout makes the customer explore the entire store.

Retail Shop

A retail shop usually stores a lot of stuff in a small space with deep racks. If the shop is selling FMCG products placing them on different racks is easy, if the category of products is wide then we design it as per the requirement. We make sure to design the billing section to make it safe for the shopkeeper as well.

commercial space

Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are one of the most interesting yet tricky places to design. Starting from the entrance to every shop the interior should be dazzling and attractive. We keep the toilets most accessible yet not prominently visible at once. Usually, malls have elevators and escalators and placing them in the right place to manage the crowd is our speciality. Shopping mall parking spaces also need a lot of design to make the most out of the space. We try to design the parking lot in a way to accommodate a maximum number of cars.


Great salons have a great vibe and to create that vibe we need to understand the target audience. It somewhere also depends on the choice of the salon owner. Usually, salons have a dark and light colour combination, be it a beige and brow or emerald and gold the combination makes it stand out. The inner space should bring in positive and happy vibes. We also focus on branding the salon where the logo and salon name at the entrance gives a great impact on the customer. A separate reception desk and cabins or special services such as massage, spa, regular salon services etc.

Commercial space

Gaming Zone

Game parlours are one of the most exciting places to go and we make them exciting with our designs. Placing the right game in the right place is an art and we have expertise in that. Additionally placing the lights in the right places is also necessary. Consult with us to discuss this further.


Gyms are common nowadays but it is not about only placing the machines in there it is about the design the space in the most productive way. There are different stages of the workout that a person does at the gym. Placing the cardio machines in one place and the weights in the other section. Similarly, every category should have its place, a changing room makes the difference similarly there are other important factors that we take care of while designing a gym interior.