About Us

We are Efficient Enterprise an Interior Designing Company in Kolkata. Being based in Kolkata does not stop us to provide the best interior designing services in India. If you call us we will reach every location in India. 

The journey began in the year 2000. Yes, it’s been over two decades since we are providing the best Interior design service in India. Creating every space perfect for you is our specialty.

“This is exactly what I wanted” – a common statement from our clients. Don’t believe us? Check out the Testimonials. 

Over these past years, we have understood the requirements of most Indians. Some people want the best use of the space that they have, some people want a specific theme in terms of colour or era, and some people want their dream. We are happy to announce that we have come through all these criteria and we believe we can make any space better. 

Our Services

The services do not include the materialistic part only. We give dreams a reality, we make every space your own, we reflect your vibe and energy from that space, we make it yours only space, we make it the best thing you could have. We work with emotions, dreams, achievements, thoughts, a new beginning, a step up in the dream way, we create the best space that you have. Be it a home or workspace we make it yours. 

Now keeping the philosophical part aside let’s come to the materialistic things that we do. Well in a smaller sentence we design the perfect space as per your requirement and your budget. Yes, dreams are not too far to achieve, even a smaller budget can have a cost-effective replica at this moment. Well, we don’t stick to affordable options only. We bring luxury to your space. 

If you want a perfect luxury bathroom with a jacuzzi, floating pot, and dazzling wash basin, we do that as well. It is best to say that we design everything that you want. 

We design home interiors, be they small or big they will be your happy place. We design the comfort to make it even happier for you. Every day when you come back home, we will give you the perfect shower to have a relaxing bath, the best kitchen that gives you access to reach every necessary thing, the comfy dining space and the most relaxing couch and a big enough TV. Well, we can also fit in a good recliner for better relaxation. Do it all.

Need more detail on your kitchen interior? Allow us to make that space the best for you. The kitchen is the storehouse of every essential item at your home. It does not only store food supplies but also hides some of the most used items in your home. Well utilizing every space for you and delivering the best version of your mood board is our responsibility. We know the struggle of finding the right spice while cooking or the right plate to serve, and we will make it easily accessible with our Kitchen interior designs.

Office interior designs are the trickiest to replicate in real life. Our designers have the experience to design traditional office with huge space but their expert mind also allows them to design small space. The feeling of having your first office space is the best for any entrepreneur. Let us design the space to make it a useful, elegant space. Office spaces can be big or small that doesn’t stop our creative minds to design the best space for you. Reach out to us today.

It is not only about designing the space beautifully but also about keeping it secure. That is why we are offering you CCTV installation services in Kolkata. We will give a detailed idea of the types of CCTV and suggest you the best for your space. Keep it safe everywhere. After CCTV installation we also provide services for any further assistance. 

Let’s finish your home with a wonderful steel railings installation in Kolkata. Well, a commercial building can have steel railings as well. Steel railings are lightweight, cost-effective if you compare them with any other material and sturdy enough to give you the desired protection. 

If you like to order custom-made furniture then we will be your best choice. Your requirements are our priority, making the furniture most useful is our duty and we won’t let you down in this process. 

Why Should You Hire Us?

  • We discuss every step with you before bringing it to action.
  • We work with the best materials within your budget.
  • Our designers have over 25 years of experience and our group of labours have over 20 years of experience.
  • We make every design a reality in no time.
  • We give you a warranty after the work is done.
  • Making the most useful design that brings elegance to your space is our expertise.
  • We guarantee you to hand over your project within 45 days. 

Meet Our CEO and Founder of the creator of your happy space

Meet Mr Ahsanul Hoque the mastermind behind this expert interior designing company in Kolkata. His experience and knowledge about every material make the project reflect your energy. He has grown a team of selected people who are the best in the business. Some of the great designers, architects and whatnot. He is the one behind this successful Interior design company in India.

Efficient Enterprise is an ISO-certified company whose office is located in Kolkata but the services are not limited to Kolkata. The team will reach your location if it is within India. So far, we have worked in the easter belt of India, Southern India, and Northern India primarily. Allow us to explore more locations with your project. We will design your dream home, and dream office in no time. 

For more information or to consult without expert advisors reach out to the contact us page and connect with us today. Your dream space is on its way.