Interior Decorator in Kolkata: New Trends of Interior Decoration in India

Designing your home according to your preference is what we all want. Our home is the place that gives us ultimate comfort, and we want a small world within it. When it comes to designing your home according to your choice, the budget becomes and problem. Everyone cannot afford their preferred design or material.

Being an Indian consumer, we mostly follow the traditional interior decoration style, but there are new trends in the market about which you should be aware. Some of the trends are inspired by western interior designs, and some are the brainchild of us. If you plan to move to a new home or renovate the old one, then here are some ideas that you can ask your interior designer to incorporate. Your person Interior Decorator in Kolkata is here to help you.

Graphic Wall Painting
Graphic Wall Colour

Source Pinterest

A blend of different shades of the same colour complement the graphic design to the wall. It looks best if done in the living room or study. Though the choice of colour depends on your taste, this style of painting is in trend. Get hands-on and ask your interior designer now.

Minimalist Furniture
Classic Living Room

Source: Elle Design

Having minimalist furniture in a house is the key to a bigger home. The lesser the table bigger the room. The room gets a lot of space to reflect light, and that makes it look bigger. So it is always preferred to have lesser furniture in your house. Instead of having several storage options have innovative furniture which includes hidden storage.

Cosy Corner
Your Space

Source: Good housekeeping

Having a corner in your room or living room for yourself is another trend you will love. If you like reading or spending some time with yourself, this is what you want. A corner that allows you to have me time. The busy schedule gives you less time you. Spend it in that corner to make it more comfortable and relaxing.

Symmetrical Furniture
Home Within A Home

Source: Homedesignlover

Having symmetrical furniture beautifies your room interior and helps you relax when you get home. Symmetrical objects anyway rest you, and when you are going to bed, stepping into a beautifully balanced room will make you sleep faster. Even for other rooms having symmetrical furniture will make the house interior complete and more comfortable. You can find symmetry in colours and its tone. Use the same colour of different shade and finish for other walls in the room. It will put together the interior and also make it look complete. People with OCD should go with asymmetrical interior.

Adding these elements to your new interior will help you blend in with the trend and have a modernised home. If you are looking for an interior decorator in Kolkata, then click here.