Our Services

Everyone deserves the best interior designer for their space. The one who can understand your thoughts and merge that with the technicalities of Interior designing and come up with a masterpiece. If you were in search of such an interior designer in India then your quest ends here. We are here to listen to your mood board and create the best version of it in your budget. 

We will do kitchen interior design, Home interior design, office interior design, Install steel railings, and CCTV installations for you. You can also buy custom-made single-piece furniture from us. 

Kitchen Interior Design

The size of the kitchen does not matter when we design it. We make every space more useful. If you need more stores with maximum appliances within the kitchen we will do it, if you have huge kitchen space and want to bring the best from it then we will be your best choice. Click here to know more.

Home Interior Design

Interior Designing Company in Kolkata

Every home has a different vibe and every client has a different mood board. We do home interior designing as per Vaastu. If you don’t believe in the Vaastu system then also we will design the best home for you. Utilizing every space without overloading it with furniture and artefacts. we have expertise in matching your vibe with the mood board that is too within your budget. Click here to know more.

Office Interior Design

Interior Designing Company in Kolkata

Office spaces are tricky to design for every client as you want the best use of every corner without making it look like a cluttered space. Allow us to design the most elegant office spaces for you. Starting from designing special cabins to employee desks in a row we make it a perfect space for your brand. Click here to know more.

Commercial Space Interior Design

Interior Designing Company in Kolkata

Every commercial space has different requirements and we make it easy for you to design every commercial space. Be it a brand outlet, a salon, a showroom, a retail shop it should be designed perfectly. Click here to know more.

Steel Railing Installation

Interior Designing Company in Kolkata

Steel railings are one of the most important things for every building. It is used in home interior and exteriors, office spaces, commercial buildings and whatnot. We do it at the best cost for you. Starting from the quality of steel railings to the finish of steel railings installation we make it a point to do it perfectly. Click here to know more.

CCTV Installation

Interior Designing Company in Kolkata

CCTV has become an integral part of every commercial space and some people like to have it in their homes and outside their homes as well. Consult with us to know more about different types of CCTV and their benefits. The cost will best in the market that we can guarantee you. Even after installing we also provide regular servicing. Contact us to know more about the CCTV installation service in Kolkata, West Bengal and nearby states. Click here to know more.

False Ceiling

Interior Designing Company in Kolkata

False Ceiling has become one of the most important part of every interior design. Be it a residential space or a commercial space every interior design nowadays involves false ceiling. We expertise in designing false ceiling for every space and size. Click here to know more.

Painting Services

Interior Designing Company in Kolkata

Who does not need painting services. Every space needs a painting service and a painting refresh in regular interval. We have artisans with creative painting ideas and expert painting in the team. Click here to know more.


Interior Designing Company in Kolkata

Renovate your existing space and add the touch of new ideas and interior design. Starting from deconstructing your existing setup to building something new is our expertise. Click here to Know more.

Hiring us will save your money

Before hiring any professional the first thing that comes to mind is the cost. Everyone can buy the materials and look for labour but when you hire a professional for that job you pay for their knowledge and expertise. Hiring us will save you money is the right statement that describes us. Let’s know-how.

Our team of designers and labourers make the best combination

Our team has some of the most expert interior designers in Kolkata. Since we are based in Kolkata we prefer hiring locally. But when it comes to delivering a project we keep quality in your budget our top priority. The skill set that our designers and labourers have is perfect for every space. Our designers will make the best use of your space and give the vacant space a new vibe that resonates with you. Designers are not there to fix the technical side of the project. We understand that every space has an emotional connection with you. It may be your first home, studio or workspace that you are creating. You have a list of emotions related to that space and that reflects on your mood board. We come up with the perfect blend of those scattered emotions and bring it to reality. Starting from understanding your colour preferences and picking the right colour for every corner to placing the right piece of furniture in the right space. Our designers make it the best space for you. Our team of labourers have the expertise to give any design the perfect shape in reality. Starting from the technical fittings to the perfect finishes we do it all. That is why we believe having the right team of designers and labourers makes us the best interior designing company In Kolkata for you. 

The cost matters

No matter how much money you have at the bank you will always have a certain budget for every project. We stick to your budget. The entire process from understanding your mood board to bringing everything into reality we will give you the best price for designing your space. Sometimes your requirements exceed your budget, so we keep it clear to you from day one. If you prefer to switch materials to reduce or increase the cost we will introduce you to its pros and cons. Hiring us will not only give you a perfectly designed space but also help you gain a lot of knowledge about the same.

The materials

In every project, the materials play a huge role. Starting from the base material, the laminate, colour and texture everything matters. Meanwhile, during the entire process, you will get updates about everything that we are doing to your space. We primarily work with solid plywood which is a by-product of thin wood sheets merged. 

Using plywood makes the furniture lighter than using real wood, reduces the cost to one-third of the cost of real wood and gives your furniture a life of more than 25 years. We don’t prefer using engineered wood as it cannot cope with every temperature and does not give the furniture a good life. We always offer you the best work at the best price. 

Not only the design our product choices makes the entire setup long-lasting. We never skip a bit to make your furniture less costly but long-lasting. 

The finish

Our expert interior designers and labour expertise on the finish of the product. Be it wall paint, wallpaper attachment, or any special artwork, the furniture the finish will be the best in any case. 

All these qualities of our Interior Designing Company in West Bengal make us the best interior design for you.