5 Types of Lights That Will Add The Touch of Luxury on a Budget

When you are looking for luxury on a budget while designing any interior the best thing to work with is lights. It can be budget-friendly and provide the results that you are looking for. You cannot compromise the quality of the furniture or décor pieces but what you can do is to plan the lighting efficiently so that it gives the luxury vibe to any space. That is when you will need Efficient Enterprise.

If you are still in doubt about whether to spend that extra bucks and get the luxury vibe in your space or save some money, then we will suggest you save some money. Great artwork, pieces of furniture everything matters when you can afford it effortlessly. When such things are digging up a hole in your pocket then it’s time to ditch them because all these are materialistic things which will eventually not give you any permanent benefits of happiness.

You should design the space in a way that you feel comfortable and it should match your vibe. But here we have listed down 5 types of lights that can add a touch of luxury on a budget.

Track Lights

These lights are the one which is connected through a wire and that is visible as well. You can control these lights and change the directions, density and many other things to make it appropriate for your space in every mood. You can change the focus of the lights to different directions, you can highlight décor pieces with this type of light setup. The exposed wires are placed it such a way that it adds to the interior designing idea of luxury on a budget.

Lights With Sensors

luxury on a budget

Often we feel the need for lights inside cabinets, wardrobes, lobby and you can save a lot of energy with lights with sensors. Such lights come in different shapes and sizes and run on battery or electricity. It has a sensor fit into it and that helps to light up the space whenever there is any movement. If you want to ditch the hazard of turning on the light every time you pass through the lobby at night or open your wardrobe then this is the best way to use lights. Eventually, it will not only save up energy but also give that luxury feel. Make your lights listen to you and experience luxury on a budget.

Strip Lights

luxury on a budget

One of the most popular lighting element these days are the strip lights. You can use it almost everywhere and the best part is that these lights are affordable. You can place it on the periphery of your furniture such as a bed, false ceiling and whatnot. There is a lot that you can do to bring luxury to a budget with these strip lights. You can consult with our interior designer in Kolkata to know more ways to use strip lights.

Minimalist Chandelier

luxury on a budget

Most of us have a special piece of attraction which is a chandelier. It is not always possible to afford one when it comes to luxury chandeliers but you can trick the system. Buy minimalist chandeliers with chrome finish or black finish. These two colours complement almost every interior. Choosing the right colour combination is one of the most important things in every interior design project. You can add an affordable minimalist chandelier that will complement the interior and add luxury to a budget.

Wall Lights

luxury on a budget

You don’t have to put table lamps or telescopic lights to add a classy touch. All you have to do is to add wall lights such as wall scones, or you can hang a pendant light in the corner of the living room instead of a table lamp. The wall lights or pendant lights are way cheaper than the classic table lamps or standing lights. It will save some space and money as well. It will add the to idea of luxury on a budget.

So gear up for the new look of your space. For better understanding, designing and planning you can consult our interior designers in Kolkata. Hurry up book an appointment today and make your space luxurious on a budget. Let us help you in making your space better.

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