Restaurant interior design in a low budget for Durga Puja

low budget restaurant interior design

Indeed your visit to this website means you are looking for Durga Puja decoration ideas for your restaurant. Yes, interior design can impress your customer and they can revisit your restaurant.

Durga Puja or as the bongs call it, “Durga Pujo” is the happy alarm of Durga Maa coming to her home for a visit. We bongs, even in this 21st Century believes that Maa visits her father’s house every year during this time and we never fail to make arrangement to make her stay a pleasurable one. She is an epitome of beauty with brain and extreme power, and we decorate each and every corner with full of lights and other tiny little things.

low budget restaurant interior design

Families plan to go out, and restaurants are the places that are packed with people. Everyone wish o enjoy by roaming around, dressing beautifully and eating flavorful dishes. So, it is the duty of the restaurant owner not only to include some of the innovative delicacies but also make the ambiance apt for Durga Puja. The theme should be suitable for the festive season.

Restaurant interior design can be made in various ways, but one with colours and proper embellishment will always take the attention of people. While you can opt for making a complete renovation, there are again various reasonable yet straightforward ways to decorate your restaurant. After all, it’s Durga Puja, and everyone is excited, so the charm and aura of the place need to look just like the Mandaps do.

Just like the basics, you need to declutter and get rid of stuff that does not go with the theme. The extremely modern arrangement might become a bad idea but combining with various things and introducing the holy fragrance always work.

So what are the best Durga Puja decoration ideas?

Make a Wall Mandir in the entrance

Yes, entrance is the first things to be visible by the people and indeed the prime thing that you should focus on. Pay attention to bringing a fantastic idol of Maa Durga and placing properly. The wall Mandir looks impressive, and if you include some of the amazing embellishment, it looks truly mesmerizing.

Decorate with lights, garlands, and flowers and make sure to change them every time. The freshness of flowers will keep make the place feel refreshing and maintain the aura. It would be great if you add a beautiful chandelier in the entrance.

Introduce Colourful lights for Interior Design

Remember that Durga Puja is all about colours. No matter wherever you go during these six days and also before that, the entire Kolkata lightens up with lights. So, make sure that your restaurant has those beautiful warm and white lights to set the mood. Despite setting up a chandelier in the entrance is highly suggested, you can put up a massive chandelier in the main room whose lights will light up the entire room.


If you are thinking that Diyas are only used in Diwali, you are wrong. Diyas are the earthen pots that are lighted using oil and cotton is used, as people believe that it keeps evil away. Since during Durga Puja, the charm is everywhere, adding real Diyas can become a great inclusion. The natural lighting sets the festive mood and never fail to fascinate you.

Arrangement of flowers

Whether it is any festive season or wedding, flowers are the secret ingredients of any holy arrangement. You can use garlands with a combination of different flowers or simply arrange a beautiful colourful flower in a vase or arrange flowers across the rooms. The fresh fragrance of the flowers along with the colours adds to the beauty. If you are visiting Bengal for the first time and visit the Mandaps, you will always find flowers everywhere. Therefore, including flowers always gives the feeling of Durga Puja.

Alpana or Rangoli are the designs made by the people during any festival. You can either use only the white colour for making such designs or try out different colours in it to make it look intriguing. Besides, you can also use colorful flowers around it to make it look eye catching.

Trust us, when we say that all the bongs have an artistic aspect in them as every family can draw great alpanas.

Use more numbers of LED lights

Lights make the mood of any festival, and therefore you can introduce as many lights as you can. Certainly, you can introduce colour, but sometimes you can also include the lights made of Purewood. Not only these tiny but the number of these materials look good, but the fragrance can certainly set the mood.

Introduce wooden furnishings

If your restaurant has only the modern furnishing, then consider replacing them with wooden furnishing. Always remember Durga Puja is a traditional festival that includes everything from the earth. So make it look as grounded yet comfortable as you can. Wooden furnishing adds to the look and makes the place looks just apt for the festival.

Lastly never forget to include some of the appetizing platters

Well, Bengalis are foodies, and each and every festival works as an excuse to taste some of the amazing delicacies. So, once you are done arranging your restaurant in a way that it matches perfectly with the festive season, consider bringing a skilled chef. Introduce different types of spicy dishes and offer something different with your dishes.

Hopefully, you have got the ideas on how to renovate your restaurant on this Durga Puja. Always know that there are several experienced interior designers in Kolkata who can offer ideas and execute them properly to make your restaurant look beautiful.

Irrespective of whether it is a restaurant that only offers European dishes or others, never fail to include flowers, garlands, lights, fragrance, wooden furnishing, diyas, and lastly the epitome of power – Maa Durga. You customers would be impressed to find such a fantastic arrangement.

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