Follow These 8 Best Interior Design Magazines, Blogs before Décor

Home decoration is all about creativity. It is an art that everyone does not inherit. Well, this doesn’t mean that you will need to spend hundreds and thousands of rupees on decorating your home, as we have dedicated our time to find the top 8 interior design magazines and blogs.


These magazines and blogs focus on making your home look great and if you are willing to change the décor of your home, certainly these are the magazines and blogs to follow. These magazines and blogs are a combination of culture, fusion, and art in order to help you renovate your home in your way.

So without wasting any further time, let us check these magazines and blogs.

  1. Design Pataki –

This is certainly a great destination for you if you are willing to renovate your home. This online magazine started in May 2013 encompasses offering the best tricks and tips for the home décor art, interior design, modern furnishing art, architecture and styling of your home.

Why Should Follow? Design Pataki is not only about styling your home but also it is dedicated to offering an unbiased opinion.

  1. An Indian Summer –

An Indian Summer is a one-stop destination for the people willing to renovate their homes with fresh and creative ideas. Started in 2007, this online magazine offers you a handpicked assortment of unique, inspiring and aesthetic ways to transform your abode into a dream home.

Why Should Follow?  An Indian Summer is all about creating the perfect mood with the visual stories.

  1. Dress Your Home –

If you are not in a mood to spend a huge amount, Dress Your Home is certainly the ultimate destination for the interior design planning with DIY ideas. Started in 2002, Lakshmi Nagarajan inspires homes to be done tastefully with several Indian home décor ideas. The more you explore, the more you get inspired.

Why Should Follow?  Dress Your Home is dedicated to designing rooms in a way that will reflect your personality with DIY ideas.

  1. Mirador Life –

Mirador Life is all about finding different ways to design your home with the massive range of designer furniture, custom furniture, diwan furniture and a lot more. This online magazine focuses on the use of wood top bring nature’s touch to the home.

Why Should Follow?  Mirador Life is the quest to cut the imitations. It inspired you to make your home stand out and separate yourself from others.

  1. Trumatter –

If you love integrating whites in your home décor, Trumatter is the place for you. Making use of her own 550sq ft rental for showcasing along with the Coastal and Scandinavian touch shows fabulous living without much expense.

Why Should Follow?  Trumatter hives you with DIY ideas which goes much long from turning home to fab.

  1. Sajavat –

If you want to know how to enjoy your living, Sajavat is a blog that can certainly help you. This online home décor magazine started in August 2008 attempts in documenting and appreciating the amazing things around us which include home décor, interior, and art.

Why Should Follow?  Sajavat inspires you to use everything around you which includes the potter, different types of folk art and other unique jewelry to tastefully design your home.

  1. Preethi Prabhu –

Preethi Prabhu is the place for people who want to know how to bring life in the boring and mundane things. You will also get to learn about interior design and home décor. You can follow her Instagram stories to check the Hacks and DIY ideas.

Why Should Follow?  Not only Preethi Prabhu is the destination for people looking to dress their homes but also get inspired by the life lesson and positivity that she shares.

  1. Pinkz Passion –

Pinkz Pasion is fully zealous to home décor who happens to move to bigger and newer homes. With her own collection of antique brass and Ganesha, she aims to add characters in your home. Her blog unveils the home décor ideas by nurturing the passion and craving towards creativity.

Why Should Follow?  You will know how the antique brass and Ganesha can provide layers to your home.

These home décor blogs provide you with great ideas which include DIY methods and other professional services as well. Efficient Enterprise is one such destination not only to acquire aesthetically pleasing ideas but also to hire an interior designer in Kolkata for a great renovation.