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living room design

Who doesn’t want a beautiful home? People crave to have their dream home. Sometimes they end up buying a small house or a large home. Having a separate shelter feels different. It can make you feel independent. To enhance the feel, we efficient enterprise is at your service. Our expertise is to design all kinds of interior. Whether it is a small apartment or a large bungalow, we can craft it better. Here is how we work.

living room design

Client meet

Whenever you are planning to buy a home or have a new place of work you should always contact us as early as possible. Even after you have confirmed the place, we can create magic out of it. Before anything else, we need to meet. Isn’t that evident? We should meet to share the ideas, to know your requirements, to plan your beautiful place.

At our first meeting, we try and understand your requirements and then proceed with further meetings whether we give you design options and also suggest you’re the better options. Once the design are sorted, we move forward to the next step.

Layout and Estimate

There are ready-made designs or preformed images that we will show you at the meeting, but once you confirm to get the work done from us, we custom the designs according to your place and also inform you about the probable costing. We feel that things should be clear between you and us so that you can speak about addition or subsection in the design and budget freely. We tend to bring you the best quote possible because we also value your hard-earned money.


Being one of the best interior designers in Kolkata, we give you the best possible design options to make your place look beautiful. Among all the designs and concepts you will definitely choose one or custom the designs and then finalise. That also makes us finalize the costing for the project. That left out the main work to get done, but there is a tiny step that we include in between. Here is it.


We prefer having an agreement between you and us so that things can continue to be clear among us. After the agreement, you are well informed about the designs, time we need to complete the project, accurate budget for the project. We make the agreement so that you stay assured from your end and we as well.

Workout the project

Then the most length process comes in, which is the actual time of implementing the designs into real objects. We expertise in composing great designs, colour contrast, selection of furniture, brings in advanced technologies in the project, custom interior in Kolkata and more. You would love to see our previous works and our proposed works. Coming back to the step, we end up working out through the plan and complete the work.


Before we end the project completely, we will ask you about any changes or additional things you need. Finally, if things are emergency, according to you, we handover the work to you with your consent.

Have you liked the way we work? If yes, then we have something more to inform you.

There are a number of interior designers you can find in the city, but you must be thinking of the reason to choose us. If choosing among several interior decorators is getting tough for you then go through the remaining section of the blog.

Why should you choose us?


If you talk about experience, then we are quite good at it. In the market, we have been serving the best interiors in Kolkata for over 20 years as of now. We have worked out beautiful designs for houses, apartments, bungalows, small rooms, office space, shops, etc. Whether it is a tiny bar setup or a big office interior, we are best at our work. You need not worry about work handling because this is what we have been doing over 20 years now. Our work efficiency is quite impressive, according to feedbacks.


We believe in keeping things very clear between you and us. Whether there is any problem projecting the design at your place or the cost of the project, we keep everything clear to you so that you don’t feel insecure. We try to maintain transparency as much as possible. When you are hiring us, you will stay well informed about every step.

Under budget

Sometimes people get surprised after seeing the budget we predict for the project. We try and make the cost of production as decent as possible. We know the less you spend, the better you feel. Nobody wishes to spend unnecessarily more money for a project. And we respect that feel. To serve every possible customer, we keep the costing low so that you can enjoy your beautiful home within your budget.

Timely delivery

We respect your time. If we have committed to deliver the project at a specific time, then be assured of timely delivery. We do not like to make unnecessary delays in completing the project. Our team is efficient enough to produce work faster and better. When you are hiring us, you are stepping to get the best interiors in Kolkata.

Quality materials

We choose quality over quality. We feel a good quality product will last longer than a cheap quality one. Even if that increases the costing a little bit, we go for the quality. We share good bonds with quality product dealers and use the material after an internal check. Until or unless we find the materials sturdy, we do not include them in our collection. Be assured of product quality when you are getting served by Efficient Enterprise.

So what do you think about our services and the work process? Does it energize you to hire us? Then what are you waiting for? Hire us now.

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