Light and Dual Combination Kitchen

A sweet home contains usually with bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Everyone chooses the colour combinations for the bedroom or the dining space very passionately. But when it comes for the kitchen, sometimes it remains unnoticed. The honest fact is that for a kitchen should be well organized and decorated. Besides the accessories and the important kitchen appliances, colour should also be a matter of choice. In that case, light and the dual colour kitchen is undoubtedly a preferable choice. It gives a stunning look as well as increases brightness to the food zone. The colour combination for a kitchen should depend on the accommodation and the appliances are being used.


It looks great using a couple of light colours to decorate a kitchen. The wall is painted with light green while the kitchen set up is designed with two different colours like white and wood. In the front side, the white racks and just beside that the wood colour racks with glass create the main contrast in the kitchen. The base platform is also designed with the wooden colour while a black glass door has been used for the microwave rack. In front of the gas oven, white tiles with a wooden border have given the kitchen a stunning look as well.


This kitchen is a light mono colour kitchen but nevertheless, it gives a stunning look as well. The paint is white and also the racks and cupboards are decorated in the same colour. A grey stone has been used to make the platform of the oven and to the basin. There are multiple numbers of windows, from which the light comes through and making the kitchen bright by reflecting on the light colour surface in the kitchen. It is not counted as a very big size kitchen but the decoration and the colour enhance the beauty of the kitchen. The microwave ovens rack is made of a black glass which creates a contrast with the white surface.


This is a light and dual colour kitchen. A kitchen chimney and a single gas oven are there. There are no impressive appliances. But what makes it different is the colour combination. A light yellow is used to decorate the racks and the cupboards just beside the oven while a light green raises the beauty of the kitchen used just a door after the kitchen chimney. The beauty increases more by using the white designed tiles in front of the oven and the dark black stoned platform. The steel furnish of the kitchen appliances like the kitchen chimney and the gas oven is also helped to enhance the brightness in the kitchen.


This design can be used for kitchens. This is a great design that is given a dual look with red and white. You can alternate this design with colours like black and white. You can even work out this idea with maple or hard wood. This design has uniqueness and that is the size of the cabinets. You will get a lot to accommodate in this single kitchen area. According to the size of the objects, you can place it in the right cabinet.

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