Get The Best Restaurant Design In Kolkata: Top 6 Tips

Are you opening a restaurant in Kolkata and need help deciding how to design the space to make it most productive? Well, designing any space can be different depending on your requirements. Here we have discussed some of the best tricks to get the best restaurant design in Kolkata.

Designing any space requires some information from you. If you own the place, you might know how you want the place to look. You may not be able to put it together, but interior designers can. So if you are looking for a good interior designer for a restaurant design in Kolkata, you must have some answers ready.

First of all, you should know if you want to keep the interior simple or want a theme décor. If you plan to open a bar cum restaurant, tell your interior designer in Kolkata about that. If you have a limited budget, tell the designer about it. When you share your mood board with them, the interior designers in Kolkata will be able to design the space perfectly according to your liking.

Interesting ideas for a restaurant design in Kolkata

Restaurant design in kolkata

Cozy corners

Only some will come with a group of people in a restaurant, and some couples will come, so placing some cozy corners to sit in will be a great idea. Place some two-seater tables or four-seater tables at the corners or the walls from where they can see a great view of the garden or the road. Sometimes people want to sit at restaurants for meetings, so you have to make the corner space suitable for four people, so they don’t get disturbed easily by the noise around.

Restaurant design in kolkata

Movable furniture

Always get lightweight, good-quality furniture so that whenever you need it, you can club two or more tables together to host a big group of people. If your restaurant has separate rooms, keep such furniture there as well. There you can rent out the tables for small celebrations such as birthdays. In general, having movable lightweight furniture is always beneficial as you can change the setting whenever needed.

Restaurant design in kolkata

Theme décor

If you have a specific theme in mind for the restaurant design in Kolkata, then you must tell your interior designer about that. Getting a theme décor done for your restaurant may cost you a little more than usual, but it will change the vibe of the whole place. Your restaurant can get famous for its décor, so choose your interior designer in Kolkata wisely.

Restaurant design in kolkata

Keep the bar aside

If you plan to have a bar along with the restaurant, keep the bar space separate from the dining area. As many of the customers may not like it or may not enjoy the smell of alcohol. Keep some seating space around the bar area for those who want to enjoy alcoholic drinks and food. Especially follow this tip when you are opening a family restaurant.

Restaurant design in kolkata

Fairy lights

You can amp up the entire space by adding some light effects. In places where the furniture is simple, the right lights make it look amazing. Nowadays, the trend of using fairy lights and strip lights makes a lot of difference in terms of restaurant décor in Kolkata.

Interior Designer in Kolkata

Productive kitchen

It is important to offer a comfortable seating space to all your customers, but it is also important to have a productive kitchen. If the kitchen is designed well, then great foods can be prepared; that is why designing the kitchen so that bringing food to the table is easy. Make it easily accessible for the waiters.

We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you in getting the best restaurant design in Kolkata. Call us today to get customer design ideas for your restaurant.

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